ForeSight® Implementation Services

Dependable delivery to make your investment a success.


Our team will work with your designated staff through the phases of implementation, analysis and design, development, testing and sign-off for a successful project completion.

  • Analysis and Design
    • Evaluate your requirements, establish project scope, and apply specific templates to provide the framework to communicate your products' benefits and features.
    • Design your application to best position the value of your products.
    • Define the scope, timeline, and cost of your project and obtain agreement by all parties.
  • Development, Testing, and Sign Off
    • Develop and deploy your application.
    • Create a single carrier system using pre-developed code components, in conjunction with your product-specific requirements.
    • Concurrently, your actuaries will develop and provide benchmark cases to us for integration into the test plan.
    • Reduce calculation discrepancies, enabling you to quickly certify and sign off on the production version of ForeSight®.

Insurance Technologies also offers co-development opportunities giving you the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry and within your organization.

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