ForeSight® FAQs

Most common questions regarding ForeSight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely. ForeSight was designed and implemented with the end-user in mind by allowing all lines of business to be illustrated in common manner without performing different actions to achieve similar results for dissimilar insurance products.

Yes. ForeSight's user experience is uniquely designed to work on tablet devices and adapt to each environment accessing it. Because of the adaptive model the user works through a common workflow while taking advantage of the capabilities of each device accessing it, including tablet devices.

ForeSight is architected to be the same system without regards to the deployment device or user access method. The system you access through your browser is the same system you access when deployed to your machine.

Because of the technology we used while architecting the solution we are able to integrate and access external and third-party components in a very elegant and efficient performing manner. We commonly integrate insurance company's calculation components within ForeSight to leverage the effort already put in to create the accurate calculation results companies have worked hard to achieve while realizing the true value of the ForeSight system.

TestBench is our proprietary testing solution for testing output and calculation results within ForeSight for implemented insurance products.

Yes, ForeSight can illustrate Split Dollar and Private Split Dollar along with many other sales concepts such as Business Continuation, Executive Bonus, Key Person, Mortgage Cancellation, Perm vs. Term, Social Security Bridge, Stretch IRA and many more.

Yes, the ForeSight data management tool, DataSight, allows you to control data updates to the illustration system. With DataSight you can maintain data that changes frequently such as product configuration, availability and features, account information, and product rates. You can also clone products to create new products based on existing product configurations in DataSight.

Yes, ForeSight reports output can incorporate marketing content in PDF format.


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