FireLight® Expands Annuity Accessibility in
Wealth Management Platforms

FireLight Plays a Key Role in Enabling Issuers to Offer Annuities to RIA Advisors through the Envestnet Insurance Exchange (Envestnet Ix) Platform

The new partnership between Insurance Technologies and Fiduciary Exchange, LLC (FIDx) enables insurance carriers to offer their annuity products within the new Envestnet Insurance Exchange (Envestnet Ix) wealth management platform. By leveraging the power of FireLight® and FireLight Embedded, insurers are able to reuse their product data and rules in FireLight to facilitate the entire electronic annuity purchase process with Envestnet Ix. Through a set of sophisticated APIs, FireLight Embedded enables FireLight products, rules and services to run seamlessly inside of third-party systems, such as Envestnet Ix, to open up new opportunities for insurers while offering new access of products to RIA advisors with a familiar sales experience.

Learn more about how the partnership between Insurance Technologies and FIDx is allowing advisors the opportunity to seamlessly incorporate annuity products into their clients’ portfolios.

News of the new platform was picked up by Retirement Income Journal. You can read the full story here.


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