Straight-Through Processing for
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Achieving True Straight-Through Processing

Accelerate efficiency and growth throughout the insurance sales lifecycle with modernized straight-through processing.

In today’s customer-centered world, firms can no longer solve for one aspect of the insurance sales process. Firms need to expand their definition of straight-through processing (STP) to include the entire sales lifecycle to accelerate efficiencies and growth.

computer showing insurance straight-through processing for insurance

Here are five areas carriers and distributors should focus on to achieve true straight-through processing and seamless sales experiences.

How to achieve insurance straight-through processing:

  1. Leverage product-agnostic technology to unlock the ability to be agile, to quickly support, manage and sell multiple products.
  2. Provide a single solution for all sales activities to streamline and enhance the sales process.
  3. Include e-Signature into the sales process to simplify and expedite the collection of required signatures, saving valuable time and money.
  4. Choose technology with flexible, user-driven workflows and user experiences to efficiently support multiple channels and workflows.
  5. Simplify the implementation and management of integrations connecting all pieces of the sales process and data.

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