ForeSight® Lines of Business

Illustrate all lines of business on a single system.

Accelerate your sales for all lines of business on one single code base illustration system that supports both connected and disconnected users.


Lines of Business:

Start Compliant Insurance Product Illustrations for all lines of business on one platform
  • Life Insurance: Variable Universal, Indexed Universal, Universal, Whole Life, and Term Life
  • Annuities: Variable, Fixed, Fixed Indexed, Immediate and Deferred
  • Long-Term Care
  • Disability Income
  • Critical Illness

Life Insurance – Illustrate all life insurance products and support your sales force with in-force illustrations and advanced sales concepts. Support individual life, multi-life and voluntary group life from a robust enterprise illustration system. Life Features

Annuities – Provide a suite of integrated sales tools and present compliant point-of-sale illustrations that seamlessly integrate asset allocation models for all annuity product types. Annuity Features

Long-Term Care (LTC) – Create customized illustrations of retirement plans including qualified and non-qualified plans, individual or joint quotes, and integrate state-specific requirements with client-centric sales presentations. Long-Term Care Features

Disability Income – Import data from your web-based calculators to quickly demonstrate a client's disability income requirement and illustrate where gaps in coverage remain.

Critical Illness – Enhance customer satisfaction with quick product illustrations based on client needs and coverage requirements.

ForeSight® for Life Insurance Illustrations

  • Supports life insurance products
    • Variable Universal Life
    • Indexed Universal Life
    • Universal Life
    • Whole Life
    • Term Life
    • Survivorship
  • NAIC and FINRA compliant sales illustrations
  • In-force illustrations
  • Supplemental reports (product descriptions, underwriting guides, etc.)
  • Advanced and middle market sales concepts
    • Split dollar, executive bonus
    • Deferred compensation, SERP
    • Mortgage cancellation
    • Business continuation
    • Personal concepts
    • Key person, Term policy vs. Permanent (with side fund)
  • Features:
    • All premium modes
    • MEC premium testing with optional premium reduction or face increase to prevent MEC
    • 7702 testing—both guideline premium and CVAT
    • LIFO and FIFO taxation
    • Scheduled distributions: surrenders/withdrawals, loans, withdrawal to basis and switch to loans
    • Conversions and 1035 exchanges
    • Scheduled death benefit and death benefit option changes
  • System and e-application integration including FireLight® e-application

ForeSight® for Annuity Illustrations

  • Supports all annuity insurance products
    • Fixed Annuity
    • Fixed Indexed Annuity
    • Immediate Annuity
    • Variable Annuity
    • Payout Annuity
    • Deferred Annuity
    • Market Value Adjusted Annuity
    • Structured Settlement
  • FINRA compliant hypothetical and historical illustrations
  • Supplemental reports (product descriptions, customized charts, etc.)
  • Advanced and middle market sales concepts
    • Asset allocation modeling
    • Pre-set volatility modeling
    • Stretch IRA
    • Retirement income planning
    • Annuity maximization
    • Split annuities
  • Features:
    • All Share Classes: A Share, B Share, C Share, L Share, Bonus
    • All Markets: IRA, Roth IRA, Nonqualified, Qualified, 401(k), and 403(b)
    • Taxation: Excludable, After-Tax Income and comparison, etc.
    • Settlement Options: Income, Lump Sum, Installment, Certain, Guarantee
    • Riders
    • Living and Death Benefits: GMWB, GLWB, GMIB, GMDB and GMAB
    • Withdrawal Options: RMD, 72(t)/(q)
    • Payouts

ForeSight® for Long Term Care (LTC) Illustrations

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