ForeSight® Features

Gain a competitive edge with ForeSight.

Empower your sales force with a comprehensive sales illustration tool that delivers a customized, accurate and compliant sales experience.



ForeSight supports the insurance and retirement sales process from sales strategies, risk tolerance, needs analysis, quoting, product information, calculations and hypotheticals, to advanced sales concepts and illustrations.

All Lines of Business

ForeSight Illustration software support all life insurance illustration needs

Single Code Base - Connected and Disconnected

mobile insurance software for illustrations and sales concepts

Distribution Channel Customization

Individual and group illustrations

Compliant Insurance Illustrations

System Synchronization

Built-in, Targeted Sales Concepts

Preset Sales Strategies/Templates

In-Force Life Illustrations

ForeSight InForce Illustration software

Customized Reporting and Graph Capabilities

Data Management Utilities

Quick View and Real-Time Calculations

quick insurance calculations

Composite illustrations

Administrative and configuration tools

Regression testing tool

System and Application Integration

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