Pre-Sale Functions & Account Opening Software

Streamline your sales process from the beginning by automating onboarding, pre-sale data collection and qualification, account opening and more on one solution.

Modernize Pre-Sale Processes and Requirements

Why FireLight Pre-Sale Functions

FireLight® Pre-Sale Functions provides the ability to fulfill various pre-sale activities and tasks before the product recommendation or application process. With robust rules-driven data collection, assessment, e-signature and review capabilities, FireLight Pre-Sale Functions offers carriers and distributors the capabilities to execute pre-sale data capture, account opening, authorization, qualification and client management processes that seamlessly flow into other FireLight sales activities, creating efficient sales processes. Create a cohesive sales process from the beginning with FireLight.

Insurance Needs Analysis

Drive Compliant Sales

Streamline the pre-sale experience across all lines of business for advisors and consumers by delivering modernized pre-sale and account opening processes that efficiently capture clients’ needs, accelerate onboarding and facilitate compliant and suitable sales.

  • Needs Capture and Determination
  • Account Opening
  • Pre-Suitability
  • Custodial/Trust Account Opening
  • Field Underwriting
  • Needs Calculators
  • Advisor/Agent Contracting and Onboarding
  • Know Your Client Questionnaires
  • Product Filtering/Selection
  • Fee & Expense Repository and Disclosures
  • Pre-Sale Authorization and Disclosures
  • And more…

Pre-Sale Functions

FireLight Pre-Sale Functions provides carriers and distributors the flexibility, configurability and robust platform features to perform multiple pre-sale activities and transactions, enhancing the way sales are initiated, captured and closed.

  • Data definition, collection and document management
  • Single sign-on and data integration
  • Robust rules engine for simplified pre-qualification processes
  • Carrier and distributor pre-sale process support
  • Customized branding with form, wizard and consumer experiences
  • Flexible outbound data feeds and formats
  • Workflow, review and approval management
  • Built-in e-signature with multiple signing ceremony capabilities
  • Automated electronic audit trail
  • Data and package integration into other FireLight components
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Image of Insurance Client Onboarding

Empower Pre-Sales

Discover the advantages of FireLight Pre-Sale Functions:

  • Supports various carrier and distributor pre-sale processes
  • Completes required authorizations and disclosures up front
  • Streamlines pre-qualification processes and field underwriting
  • Enhances workflow and document management
  • Facilitates in-good-order business regardless of product
  • Modernizes advisor, client and account onboarding
  • Automates suitability, regulatory and compliance processes

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