Carrier Solutions

Drive product, mobility, efficiency and sales productivity.

Strengthen business strategies and distribution relationships with sales automation solutions that advance with industry evolution.



Our mobile point-of-sale software provides carriers with comprehensive, straight-through business processing solutions that strengthen distribution relationships while showcasing product strengths, increasing suitability, meeting compliance, and streamlining the sales process across diverse distribution channels.

Sales Illustrations for Insurance Products

ForeSight® Sales Illustrations

ForeSight is an illustration platform that transforms the way your life, annuity and other insurance and retirement products are understood, quoted, illustrated and sold.

  • Manage all lines of business and product types with a single code base
  • Strengthen distribution strategies and relationships with branding versatility
  • Advance producer efficiency, agility and productivity
  • Showcase product strengths and distinctive characteristics
  • Support mobile sales strategies with an optimized user experience
  • Get products to market faster and accelerate sales
  • Present accurate, compliant and compelling sales output
  • Evolve with industry and regulatory advancements

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Electronic Application & Fulfillment

FireLight® e-Applications

FireLight is a uniquely flexible e-application platform that automates and accelerates the way business is captured, submitted and processed for all lines of business.

  • Meet simple and multiplex business requirements and distribution workflows
  • Drive user adoption with application and process familiarity
  • Process all lines of business and product types on a single platform
  • Support connected and disconnected mobile sales
  • Transact new and post issue business processing
  • Facilitate straight-through processing and in good order submissions
  • Accelerate speed to issuance and reduce operational costs
  • Provide DOL Fiduciary Rule sales support to carrier owned or independent distribution

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