Electronic Application and Business Fulfillment - FireLight®
Simplify electronic business processing.

FireLight® is a device-agnostic, user-friendly, easy to deploy electronic business fulfillment solution that automates any existing sales process across all lines of business. It manages the application data collection process through a single system, thus expediting contract issuance with confidence. Built with cutting-edge technology, FireLight facilitates straight-through processing, producing more in good order applications. The intuitive user interface leads to greater end user adoption.

IGO Forms & Management Repository, e-App, Electronic Submission, Clearing, Policy Fulfillment

Why FireLight?

  • Drive productivity with a one-stop electronic fulfillment platform that supports all lines of business
  • Make your e-application and business submission process fast and intuitive
  • Support mobile strategies and make the sales process accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Retain and recruit the best financial professionals producers with highly accessible and easy-to-use software
  • Provide included IRI certified click wrap and tablet-based e-signature
  • Make difficult data capture easy to understand and complete in good order
  • Improve agent and advisor efficiency, accuracy, mobility and productivity
  • Increase speed to issuance regardless of product complexity
  • Eliminate NIGO submissions and reduce cost of issuance
  • Reduce procurement cost and improve risk management
  • Give your organization a competitive advantage


News and Events

February 26, 2014
Insurance Technologies Announces Disconnected Functionality in the Latest Release of FireLight®, an E-Application Business Fulfillment Platform.


September 5, 2013
Primerica selects Insurance Technologies’ FireLight® as the e-application business fulfillment solution for its annuity business.


Electronic Application and Electronic Submmission for New Business
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