Distributor Solutions
Facilitate suitable and in good order sales.

Our sales automation solutions help broker-dealers, wire houses and banks increase enterprise value with suitable sales, manage and increase advisor efficiency through a streamlined sales process, and accelerate the issuance process allowing more time to develop new leads and sales opportunities.

Discover how FireLight® for distribution enhances and automates product sales strategies.

Electronic Forms Management, Creation and Submission

FireLight® E-Application Business Fulfillment

FireLight is a device-agnostic, user-friendly, flexible and easy to deploy e-application business fulfillment platform that automates any existing sales process across all lines of business.

  • Supports all lines of business and product types on a single platform
  • Drives user adoption with form and process familiarity
  • Delivers device-agnostic technology for mobile capabilities
  • Provides flexibility to support existing workflows and business needs
  • Manages new business and post issue processing
  • Reduces procurement cost and improves risk management
  • Increases efficiency with a strong point of reference using carrier forms
  • Facilitates straight-through processing generating more in good order applications

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